• What’s QUBE?

    • QUBE is an app that allows people to use their cell phone to scan a small colorful cube – the QUBE icon –, which may pop up on the TV screen and outside media such as posters or neon signs. All you need to do is point your cell at the icon and you will instantly be connected to numerous deals, sites, apps, and online stores.

  • Where can I find the QUBE icon to begin scanning with the app?

    • The QUBE icon may be found in several locations, including the cable channel Cinemax. To learn more, please visit QUBE’s website at WWW.GO-QUBE.COM

  • How can I scan a QUBE icon?

    • After opening the QUBE app on your mobile phone, you may point it at the QUBE icon where available. Not to worry, the QUBE app works fine from a distance.

      Attention: Internet connectivity is required and mobile devices must have a minimum operating system of Android 5.1 and iOS 9.0.

  • I am unable to scan a QUBE icon. What should I do?

    • • Make sure you have the latest version of the QUBE app. Visit the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android) to confirm.

      • Make sure the lens of your cell phone’s camera is not blocked.

      • Make sure there is no dust or dirt on the lens of your cell phone’s camera.

      • Close the QUBE app and re-open.

      • Make sure you have an active internet connection (either Wi-Fi or cellular)

      • If you continue to experience performance issues, please contact us.

  • Where can I find the QUBE icons I have already scanned?

    • Select “History” on the QUBE app. The History section allows you to review all previously scanned icons over the last 30 days; allowing you to relive the experience!

  • How can I best enjoy everything QUBE has to offer me?

    • There are three steps to uncover all the worlds QUBE has to offer you:

      1. Place the QUBE app on the main screen of your cell phone; saving you time to access the app whenever you come across a QUBE icon.

      2. When you come across a QUBE icon on your TV or other types of media, point your cell at it.

      3. Follow the instructions on your cell phone and enjoy QUBE’s magic! Scanning the QUBE icon will direct you to previous content on your cell phone. Don’t forget to follow the instructions to unveil what app has to offer.

  • What comprises the QUBE app?

    • 1. QUBE icon reader

      2. Profile

      3. History

      4. Information

      5. FAQ’s

      6. Problem solutions

      7. Contact Us

      8. Privacy Policies

      9. Terms and Conditions

      10. About QUBE.

  • How to browse through the app’s pages.

    • • Select “History” to have access to all your previous scans;

      • Select “Info” to access: FAQ’s, Problem Solutions, Contact Us, Privacy Policies, Terms, and Conditions, About QUBE.

      • Select “Profile” to update your personal information;

      • Click on the QUBE icon or slide your finger across the screen to activate the scanner.

  • How the pages on QUBE app work?

    • • From the home screen, “Scanner”, you can scan the QUBE icon even if from a distance. When you click on the app icon, you activate the scanner. Then, just point your cell phone at one of the QUBE icons and access contents that will be waiting for you.

      • The “History” page allows you to access your activities on QUBE from the last 30 days. At any time, you can click on any item on the history list and check the contents you have already visited.

      The INFO – “Information” page displays everything you need to know about QUBE and information details: FAQ; Problem Solution; Terms and Conditions; Contact Us; and About QUBE.

      • On “Profile” you may update your information to receive more custom-made contents and benefits.