What is QUBE?

QUBE is an application that uses innovative technology that allows you to access exclusive promotions, experiences and benefits with a single scan.

QUBE gives fun and entertainment a whole new meaning. This magic cube will take you on the most unique experiences and give you access to the most exclusive offers, bringing more excitement to your life.

Explore amazing new worlds by simply scanning the icon every time you see it; on TV, a bus stop, the subway, on billboards and magazines, or even in public parks, malls, movie theaters or coffee shops.

The possibilities are endless and like nothing you’ve experienced before. No matter how far you are from the QUBE icon, simply open the app, aim and scan, and start enjoying!





To get started, download the app from your preferred app store (Available on App Store and Google Play).

Once you see the QUBE icon, follow these steps:

  • 1

    When the QUBE icon appears..

    When the QUBE icon appears.
  • 2

    Don't use your camera, open the QUBE app to scan. Make sure you have an internet connection.

    Open the app. (Make sure you have an internet connection).
  • 3

    Point your mobile device at the icon and scan it.

    Point your mobile device at the icon and scan it.
  • 4

    Click on the link that appears on your screen.

    Click on the link that appears on your screen.
  • 5

    Start enjoying instantly all the perks and experiences.

    Start enjoying instantly all the perks and experiences.

Where to find QUBE?

QUBE icon can be found anywhere, anytime. On the corner of your TV screen while you’re watching a movie or series, or while you’re live streaming a match or reality shows, or even during commercials.


Would you like to know more about a certain movie or series you’re watching on TV? By scanning the QUBE icon on the screen, you can enjoy exclusive behind the scenes coverage, special content, relevant info and much more.


QUBE on the commercials.

Did you see the QUBE icon on a commercial spot? Open your app, point at it with your mobile device and you will have instant access to incredible promotions. Interact with the brands that you love to get the best discounts and a better shopping experience.


QUBE for your ears.

Picture yourself listening to the soundtrack of your favorite movie without wasting time searching for it on the internet. QUBE gives you direct access to that music, as well as ringtones, and even podcasts featuring exclusive content.


QUBE, guaranteed VIP seats.

Did the QUBE icon appear on TV while you were watching your favorite band perform? Become a real fan. Point your mobile device at the icon and get early access to tickets to their next show– even for front row seats!


QUBE, way beyond your couch.

There’s a world to be explored, go out and let yourself be amazed. Don’t hesitate! Find the QUBE icon on a billboard, at the bus stop or the subway, open the app, point and scan. It will be the start of something new and amazing!


QUBE on the stadium, the museum or anywhere.

If you’re home watching your favorite team play, you may be able to enjoy exclusive offers that will enhance that live experience!

QUBE at the museum? Of course! You can get to know a lot more about the exhibition and become a true connoisseur.

QUBE at the subway? That’s right! While you commute you can get weather updates or maybe even find a link to get tickets for that game you don’t want to miss. Just point at the icon with your mobile device and start having fun!


Why use QUBE?

Too many reasons why you should, the possibilities are endless and the experiences unimaginable. QUBE is your life, in colors like you’ve never seen before.

It’s about discovering a story within a story, live new experiences and benefit from all the many perks. QUBE means getting you closer to your idols, your brands and your dreams.

Find out what we have for you. Download the app and start scanning.

QUBE in action


Download QUBE.
(Available on Google Play and App Store).



Open the app.



When a colored cube - QUBE icon – appears, scan it with your mobile device to discover the new worlds QUBE has for you.

Enjoy interactive entertainment
wherever you go.